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Thursday, March 19th, 2020 - Almost Daily Update

Hi Church,

Last I checked, Christ is still risen indeed! As fear and frenzy become greater and greater temptations, let's continue to be light, offering hope with a calm perspective and love to all with whom we connect.

Today's updates:

In terms of contacting us at the church office, here is what you need to know. If you email us, email with be checked constantly, whether anyone is in the office or not. If you phone the office, all calls that might be missed will be checked daily. Sue Foley's set office hours will be Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM to Noon and Wednesdays from Noon to 3:00 PM. Other pastoral staff or facility staff will often be here and will answer the phones as able. And several volunteers will be here sporadically just to answer calls as needed.

At our website we have posted a "cover" video of information and encouragement. It can also be seen by clicking on the following link--

This Sunday will be our first "live-stream" only worship gathering at 10:15 AM. And we will leave it as a post on our YouTube channel for those who cannot join us at 10:15! We look forward to you joining us. And hey, it's never been easier to invite someone else to church; they don't even have to get out of their pajamas!

If you have kids in your family, we are going to incorporate just a couple of things that we were going to include next week in our Family Sunday! One of those things I will keep secret, but if your kids tune into the sermon and do what I ask them to do, it will either make you smile or drive you absolutely crazy! The other thing that we are doing is providing a listening guide for kids to fill out (and you can help them). Originally, if they filled it out, Carrie Mason, our Children's Ministry Assistant, was going to be in the lobby prepared to provide them a prize! Now parents, it's you guys who have to come up with a prize! So if you want the listening guide, you have to email me at and I will send it to you for Sunday! (I know that's sort of a pain, but it will also serve to see if anyone actually reads these emails)! :)

Just today, Brock Weston clued me into an article written by a Standford professor that I found very interesting and very helpful in wrestling with COVID-19. There is no "hope in Christ" message or "stuff isn't the most important thing in life" message. But it does point out how fear can lead us down some questionable paths. As Christ followers, faith, not fear is our foundation; and I think some may find this helpful in being a calm but wise voice in talking with friends and family looking for direction. Again, if you would like me to forward it to you, email me at! There, I have provided two "tests" to see if anyone is reading these updates. :)

The adventure continues; and we walk it together!

In Christ's love,

Pastor Tim


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