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Saturday, March 21st, Update

Updated: Mar 26

Hi Church!

It's Saturday but Sunday is coming! I can't wait to worship with you tomorrow...and with all of your friends who don't go to church, but hey, this is way less intimidating! :) Once again, our YouTube link is below. And if you would like a listening guide (especially prepared for elementary age but welcome to all) or if you do not have access to join us via live-stream, the sermon text, just email me at

I confess, if we are still social distancing two weeks from now, I am sort of looking forward to our celebration of communion. I hope each of you chooses as your bread something substantive, like rolls and for your drink, something a whole lot bigger than our tiny church communion cups...some of you may even have your meal during our communion worship...and all of that strikes me as closer to the original purpose! :)

Not only is it Saturday but Sunday is coming, it's crisis time but a post crisis time will be coming at some point too...and beyond that someday, consummation time (life in the Kingdom, the new heaven and earth, back to the garden like it was always meant to be)! So in the meantime, keep the faith and ditch the fear! In this world we will have trouble (and I am sure there will always be something, everybody has stuff); but do not fear, Jesus has overcome the world!

No practical, informational updates today...

As for encouragement, two teasers of sorts...

1. I realize that only a relatively small portion of our body was able to take our Lenten Devotional Book this year by Brian Zahnd entitled, "The Unvarnished Jesus"; but boy is it good. I will be borrowing from many of the daily devotionals in that book in days ahead in our (almost) daily updates. (And if this becomes burdensome for the body, "almost" may give way to "sometimes"!)

2. As I've been thinking, several positive possibilities in the midst of all this have come to mind...four specifically. I won't share any today because this is already getting long. But another word phrase for positive possibilities might be "glimpses of grace", or "glory sightings"---those reminders that God is indeed at work by His Spirit in Christ Jesus. I'll bet you have some in mind too...share them with others!

One cool thing not included in my four is that Tim Smith got a note from one of the county jail inmates following a Bible Study saying that he had given his life to Jesus! May many be drawn to real hope in these days!

Did I mention that I am so excited to worship with so many of you tomorrow? :)

In Christ,

Pastor Tim


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