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We as a governing board met on Wednesday, May 13th, to discuss re-opening guidelines.  We plan to meet once or twice more in the next few weeks to discuss the same as things can change so quickly. But below you will find our intended guidelines to date.

It is our intention to live by faith, not fear or foolishness.  It is our intention to be seen as good community neighbors in doing our part during this pandemic. It is our intention to be the light of Christ where we live, work, and play.  So all that you will find below is designed to be consistent as appropriate with the protocols outlined for businesses as they reopen as well as the recommendation of our Marion Health Department.

We realize that we as a body are indeed a motley crew united in Christ.  Some are eager to return, others cautious, and still others in no position to do so. And all are dearly loved! But here is what we believe we can best offer at this time and we will keep you posted on updates and changes as they come.

1. Our tentative re-open date is June 7. We want you to be aware, but if we have to change it; we will.

2. We will shift to what we are calling “summer hours” and will offer a 9:00 AM and a 10:45 AM gathering in the worship center. The 9:00 AM gathering will be shorter and include some (but not all) traditional elements.  The 10:45 AM gathering will be a little longer and mostlycontemporary in form. This arrangement will give us time between gatherings for cleaning, worship rehearsal, and live-stream preparation.

3. We are committed to continuing to offer live-streaming each and every week during the 10:45 AM gathering for those unable to yet come and as a form of outreach to the community and beyond.

4. Seating arrangements will be such that we are asking that we keep three empty chairs between individual and family units in each row. The space between our rows has been increased as well. We are estimating that this arrangement will allow for roughly 50 to 120 persons in each gathering.  If this does not prove to be sufficient to accommodate all who choose to return immediately, we will look to add a third gathering option.

5. All entry/exit doors will be propped open from 15 minutes before each gathering to 15 minutes after each gathering.We will not have greeters per se, but the safety team will manage the doors.

6. We encourage any extended greeting times to be held outside. We are asking people not to use the lobby for sitting or conversing.

7. Masks are encouraged but optional and we will not shame those who wear them or those who do not wear them in any way.

8. Water fountains will be closed.  Please bring your own water (though we may try to have at least some bottled water available).

9. Hand sanitizer will be available in strategic locations.

10. All unused rooms will be locked.

11. The coffee café will be closed for now.

12. We will clean used areas and bathrooms before and after each worship gathering.

13. There will be no nursery offered yet.

14. There will be no separate youth or children’s ministries at this time, but there will be continued children’s and youth presentations during the 10:45 AM gathering and we will continue to wrestle with creative possibilities in these areas.

15. We encourage smaller groups to continue to connect beyond the walls.  If adult growth groups decide to meet, we will provide our largest rooms during either gathering so that social distancing can be practiced.

16. Offering plates will be available at the back of the worship center; but we encourage you to continue to give on-line or mail in your offerings as well.

17. When communion is served it will be pre-packaged.

18. If and when we get back to the point that we offer bulletins, they will simply be available inside the worship center doors.

19. Where instructional signs are posted, we are asking that all adhere to what is asked.

20. We encourage all who come to come with prepared hearts!  Let’s expect the Spirit to work each week, both on campus and in live-streamed settings everywhere!

No guidelines are perfect and they do not cover everything that can possibly be covered.  They are guidelines.  Again, we will remain open to continually updating these in days ahead.  God is good; Christ is risen; and the Spirit is always at work!


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