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May 8th, 2020 Update

Good Morning Church! With Ohio beginning to re-open, the question looming on many of our minds is "what will that look like for our local church."  I met earlier this week with several of our Marion pastors to discuss this and we plan to meet again next week.  Our governing board will be meeting this coming Wednesday night to address some 25 questions/issues relating to re-opening, as well as creating a new timeline for following through with lead pastor transition.  Join us in praying for wisdom, creativity, and Spirit-sensitivity in all we decide. We will let you know in great detail whatever is decided!  God is so good! If you did not respond to our brief survey from last week, we would love your e-mail response to these three questions: 1. If we are able to open within weeks, which statement best reflects your intent?   a. We will definitely be there   b. We may wait a few weeks to see how things go   c. It will be a while until we return 2. If for now through summer we shifted to a 9:00 AM Gathering and a 10:15 AMGathering (that is also live-streamed), which would you   be more likely to attend?  a. 9:00    b. 10:15     c. Either 3. If social distancing seating made it difficult to get everybody in two gatherings, would you consider attending a Thursday evening   gathering?   a. Yes      b. No      c. Maybe It's not just churches that are wrestling with re-opening, it's camps.  Beulah Beach tentatively hopes to re-open July 5 and will make a final decision to do so or shut down for the summer on June 1.  We have been in discussion with Beulah Beach about Beulah on the Road at Cornerstone, July 13-17.  If our day camp happens, it will be with modifications for sure.  Parents of kids who have attended in the past, be looking for a survey coming from Melissa Weston, our Beulah on the Road Director, designed to get your feedback! LITTLE THINGS The story is told of a tourist town whose main attraction, their beautiful spring-fed pond at city square, had become overgrown with weeds and leaves and algae.  So they hired a gardener to clean it up.  He immediately went to the source, the spring at the top of the hill out of town and began to clean up the debris that flowed from there.  Soon the pond at city square was beautiful again.  After some months, the city council (who never saw the gardener working on the pond), decided it was a waste of money to pay him, so they let him go.  Within weeks, the pond was a total mess again.  Though the gardener's daily sorting out of debris at the source seemed like a little thing, it had made all the difference in the world! For most of us during this pandemic, what we can do seems like "little things."  Most of us aren't those who will make major decisions or save hundreds of lives or the like.  But there are incredible "little things" we can do, like praying silently for people as we pass them on sidewalks and in stores, choosing to be gracious and never take more than we need, modeling the fruit of the Spirit when bumped at home or work or home again, continuing to give materially of what we have been given to help others we know as well as impact the Kingdom through church giving, offer a smile rather than turn away, spend reflective time alone with God so as to catch his heart and be refreshed, be ready to share the hope we have and our story of grace when it comes up in conversation...Little things, can make all the difference in the world!  Don't grow weary in doing little things! In Christ, Pastor Tim


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