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May 5th, 2020 Update

Hi Church, Here is the "stewardship snapshot" for April as a whole (for those who missing seeing something similar in a weekly bulletin)! Operating Expenses: Monthly goal for April: $33,623   Giving in April: $32,855   Account Balance as of 4/30/20: $34,936 Global Missions: Alliance Missions Monthly Goal: $7,692   Giving in April: $5,671   Giving Year to Date: $23,316 Other Missions Monthly Goal:    $7,692   Giving in April: $4,368   Giving Year to Date: $18,980 Live Stream Worship Participation in April:  Varied from a low of 320 views to a high of 407 views Amount given or pledged for additional Live-Stream Equipment to date: $2,500 This week's mid-week prayer gathering will be offered on site in the library honoring social distancing guidelines. For those wanting to pray at home, please request the mid-week prayer update that is sent out tomorrow afternoon. Next Wednesday is our next Governing Board Meeting.  Join us in praying for wisdom and unity in wrestling through decisions related to reopening ministries and working through transitions in the near future. Numerous experiments have been done inviting people to go on a hike.  Some groups are told exactly how long the hike will be and others are simply told that the distance is unsure.  Invariably, there is less complaining on the hike for which everybody knew how long it was going to take!  We are on a hike right now, the distance of which we are unsure.  Some are eager to be done with it in the next few weeks.  Others wonder if new versions of the hike will continue to unfold and we won't be done for a very long time. Either way, complaining is the natural temptation but accomplishes very little. This is our opportunity to shine! In Christ, Pastor Tim


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