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May 26th, 2020 Update

Good morning Church!

A sunnyTuesday morninggreeting to each of you.  I hope you had a rich Memorial Day Weekend in every way.

Marlene and I keep a calendar in our kitchen on which we write upcoming events.  Yesterday, as I looked at the month of May, virtually every one of those events has an x through them! "X'd out" might be an apt way to describe many aspects of our lives these days! But I am also reminded of the old saying that "when God closes a door, he opens a window!"

Timing is pretty significant. Some would say timing is everything!  For example if you try to jump through a closed window you will just break the glass and get cut in the process; but if you refuse to jump through an open window, you will miss what is outside.  If you put your shoulder to a locked door trying to force it open, all you will do is bruise your shoulder.  But if you refuse to at least push a little on an unlocked door, you miss what is down the next hallway so to speak.  

Wisdom and timing go together.  In Ephesians 5, Paul describes wisdom as making the most of every opportunity.  Good timing is making the most of every opportunity.  But he goes on to say that unless you discern God's will you will not make the most of every opportunity; and the best way to discern his will is to be continually filled with the Holy Spirit! Whatever we do during this continuing virus, let's keep on being filled with the Holy Spirit.  And then let's ask Him to show us even one or two things he longs for us to catch and begin to apply now that we would not have done if we weren't in this season. Maybe He is opening some windows!

Speaking of opening, we are still on for inviting people backon June 7. We will have a worship gatheringat 9:00 AMand10:45 AMand provide children and youth ministries as a part of our worship together.  And we will be live-streaming the 10;45 AM gathering.  We will be evaluating all of this on a weekly basis and making changes as we go, as needed. Communication will be key and a little bit of a pain, but we just can't claim to know more than we know!  For example, we may have some gatherings this summer that are totally geared for families of children and youth.  Perhaps we will be able to worship on the lawn once or twice, with everyone bringing their own chairs (which would also be an atmosphere more conducive for kids). For those with all kinds of concerns about this or that detail in terms of returning, it is perhaps best to stay home for a while and tune in via live-stream.  For those incredibly eager to return, please be sensitive when you come to social distancing guidelines and consider it of others! And something I would love to see happen for about 7 or 8 Sunday nights beginning postJuly 4thweekend is for us to offer the "Chosen" series to watch together in the worship center! We will see! But whatever we do, we want graciousness and faithfulness to dominate and Christ to be front and center.

Be reminded thatthis Sunday, May 31, the Rufeners will be with us for our live-stream gathering and Peter will be preaching. We will also be honoring our graduating high school seniors.  Sure hope you will join us!

In Christ,

Pastor Tim

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