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May 11th, 2020 Update

Greetings Church! WHAT'S NEW? Often as we connect with one another in whatever form these days, that's our opening question..."What's new?"  And often the answer these days is, "Not so much; same old same old!"  So I thought I would take us through Scripture and list some of the things we find there that are "new": 1.  Psalm 40:3 says we have been given a new song.  (Are you singing it)? 2.  Isaiah 43:19 says that God is doing a new thing by making streams in the desert. (This feels like a desert doesn't it)? 3.  Lamentations 3:23 says that His compassion is new every morning.  (We need it)! 4.  Ezekiel 36:26 says He will give us a new spirit and a new heart. (I'll take it please)! 5.  Zephaniah 3:5 talks about a new day coming! (Amen)! 6.  Luke 22:20 says that Jesus has given us a new covenant!  (Woohoo)! 7.  John 13:34 says that Jesus has given us a new command to love one another as He has loved us! (Let's do it)! 8.  Romans 6:4 says we have been given new life.  (Yes)! 9.  Romans 7:6 says we have been given a new way to serve (in the power of the Spirit)! 10. II Corinthians 5:17 says we are a new creation! (Old things are passed away)! 11. Ephesians 4:23-24 says we have been given a new attitude, a new self! (That's helpful in close quarters eh)? 12. Hebrews 10:20 says we have been shown a new way. (One driven by faith, not fear or foolishness)! 13. I Peter 1:3 says we have been given a new birth into a living hope! (Hope is so much more refreshing than hype)! 14. Revelation 3:12 says we will be given a new name! (One that reflects who we always were intended to be)! 15. Revelation 21:1 says there will be a new heaven and a new earth! (That's what we contribute to as kingdom disciples)! 16. And Revelation 21:3 says EVERYTHING WILL BE MADE NEW! Maybe next time you are asked, "What's new?", you could throw a few of these into the conversation! :) STAT STUFF 1. We continue to estimate that roughly 200-400 people join us live each week for worship and another 100-250 join in later. 2. General fund (operational) giving is down about 25% for the first two weeks in May compared to the first two weeks in May   last year; but is at about 98% of budget needed for the first two weeks in May. We are holding are own so far. 3. Missional giving (both Alliance and Other) has been excellent the first two weeks of May, exceeding $7,500! Thanks for your   generosity beyond the walls! 4. $4,000 of the needed $6,500 to purchase additional live-stream equipment, that will enable us to continue offering it once   we return to gathering together, has been given.  Thank you so much! 5. We delight in hearing of a handful of people who have given their lives to Christ or recommitted their lives to Christ or   renewed their search to find Christ!  May such only multiply at CAC and everywhere!  We also delight that so many smaller   groups are finding ways to remain connected. May we never forget that what we are all about is spiritual transformation and   discipleship multiplication.  God is good, Christ is risen, and the Spirit is always at work! RE-OPENING If you are not one of the 32 families or individuals that have responded to our informal survey, and you would like your feedback to be a part of the governing board discussion Wednesday night as we wrestle with the "when and what" of re-opening, here are the three questions again: 1. When we are able to re-open, which statement best reflects your initial response:   a. We plan to return immediately   b. We may wait a few weeks to see how things go   c. Due to health issues or other concerns, it may be some time before we are able to return 2. When we re-open, which of the two following worship setting options are you likely to attend:   a. 9:00 AM   b. 10:15 AM (which will also be live-streamed) 3. If honoring social distancing guidelines requires a third gathering to accommodate everyone, are you open to attending a   Thursday night gathering?   a. yes   b. no   c. maybe Based on responses so far, about 50% intend to return as soon as the doors are open, 20% may wait a few weeks, and 30% say it will be sometime before they are able to return.  About 30% would attend at 9:00 AM and about 70% at 10:15 AM.  About 12% say they would definitely attend a Thursday night gathering and another 44% said they might.  Again, join us in prayer for wisdom, Spirit-sensitivity and unity as we meet as a leadership board on Wednesday night.  We will also be wrestling with a lead pastor couple transition timeline. A FINAL WORD The following quote (often stated in different forms and paraphrased by me here, and usually attributed to Philo of Alexandria) is a good one anytime, but especially in these times: "Be kind to everyone you meet.  You never know what they may be going through!"  Shine church, shine! In Christ, Pastor Tim PS- For you who maybe are quick to read these emails, I know, it's technically still 5/11...but I am assuming most will open this sometime on Tuesday! :)


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