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March 31st, 2020 Update

Hi Church, The best definition of faithfulness that I know is "doing the right thing (giving your all), consistent with your gifts and abilities and passions, in the power of the Holy Spirit, over and over again, and without complaining."  We know that the right thing in these times is to exercise faith instead of fear or foolishness. The hard part is the over and over again without complaining! :)  May the joy of the Lord evidenced in the fruit of the Spirit be our strength! ANNOUNCEMENTS 1.  These updates can be accessed on our website and facebook page.  For some of us less techy people who rely on email, please check your spam if there are days you don't seem to get this.  Mark that email, "not spam" and that should help.  Also, put our church email in your contact list because that should help too...and pass this word on to friends who rely on email and aren't getting this because it's in their spam box! :) 2.  Palm Sunday is coming...then Good Friday and then Easter!  We are prayerfully planning, wrestling constantly with technical improvements, and committed to keeping you posted! 3.  Many of you are sending cards I hear, especially to our senior saints.  Keep it up!  Some have asked for Tom Phillips address.  It's 894 Stephanie Drive, Marion OH 43302. GLIMPSES OF GRACE An individual in our body, who shall remain nameless, shared today that she can't sing. (She was allowed in the high school choir on the condition that she only mouthed the words)!  So when we worship together on Sundays in our normal fashion, she does more soaking than singing.  But with live-stream worship, and nobody else being able to hear her, she's singing her heart out during the praise time. Making a joyful a glimpse of grace! COUNTDOWN TO EASTER DEVOTIONAL (Taken from our Lenten Guide- "The Unvarnished Jesus") Fourth Biblical Station of the Cross: Jesus is Denied by Peter (Matthew 26:69-75) I don't think Peter was a coward. But when Jesus asked him to put his sword away and healed the servant's ear, it shook him.If Jesus wasn't going to fight for himself, why should Peter risk his own life?  I think it all happened so fast that Peter didn't even really realize what he was doing...and then the rooster crowed, and it all took hold.  And Peter wept bitterly!  Perhaps most of us have heard the rooster crow a few times in our lives, reminding us that we have failed to live up to our lofty promises to live all out for Jesus.  But though the Enemy wants to accuse us and cause us to quit, the Spirit can use the rooster's crow to convict us and lead us to fresh forgiveness and faithfulness. Just as Jesus restored Peter, he longs to restore us.  Rooster crowing days are not the end of the journey, they are an opportunity to get back on track in the journey! Even in a pandemic, let's live the adventure of the journey! IN CLOSING I am so thankful for my incredible wife.  I am so thankful for my wonderful family.  I just had to say that today; I hope you are saying the same about your family.  It's a proven fact that the longer an email is, the less likely people are to actually read it.  If you are still reading, may God's grace and peace carry you today! In Christ, Pastor Tim


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