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March 30th, 2020 Update

Hi Church, Hope this update finds you praying boldly and trusting fully! ANNOUNCEMENTS/PRAYER: 1.  Yesterday's live-stream worship is available for any who could not be with us at our YouTube channel. 2.  Next Sunday is Palm Sunday! Kids (and adults too if you want), take time this week to make your own version of palm branches (from paper or a tree outside or whatever).  You will receive instructions in next week's live stream as to what to do with them!  And no, they are not for whacking your brother or sister! :) 3.  Tom Phillips, who has been a precious part of Cornerstone for many years, is moving into a condo up on Lake Erie near his son and daughter-in-law in early April.  The closing on his house and his condo I believe is the very same day!  We were planning to have a time of prayer for him on this his last Sunday with us.  And we still plan to pray!  But I think it would be great if many of you would send him a card of encouragement in lieu of being able to gather around him during that time of prayer.  We love you Tom! 4. Please pray for Bill Lucas.  He is presently scheduled for a second heart ablation this Thursday to address his atrial fib.  The first ablation did not work.  Pray for a safe procedure and that it will accomplish it's purpose in putting Bill's heart back into regular rhythm. GLIMPSES OF GRACE I am reminded of the alcoholic father who had two sons.  The first grew up and became an alcoholic and everyone said, "Well, what did you expect, his father was an alcoholic!"  The second grew up and never touched a drop of alcohol in his life and everyone said, "Well, what did you expect, his father was an alcoholic."  You see, it's a matter of perspective.  Right now, and it's amazing to think about, most of our world is facing the very same pandemic with all it's issues.  But some are facing it with fear, and some are facing it with foolishness, and some are facing it with faith.  Those facing it with faith are only doing so because of a matter of perspective...if Jesus is really Lord, that changes everything! DEVOTIONAL MARCH TOWARD EASTER (Abbreviated and Adapted from our Lenten Guide- "The Unvarnished Jesus") Third Biblical Station of the Cross: Jesus Before the Sanhedrin (Matthew 26:57-68) When Jesus finally responds to his accusers in his trial before the Sanhedrin, he says these cryptic words, "But I tell you from now on you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of Power and coming on the clouds of heaven!"  Jesus referred to the Son of Man some eighty times.  It is an apocalyptic term taken from the prophet Daniel's vision in which a human being ascends from earth into the clouds of heaven and stands before the Ancient of Days.  He is given dominion over all peoples and nations and languages; and the court of heaven declares that his Kingdom will never pass away!  The high priest upon hearing these words rips his robes and screams "Blasphemy!", setting the march to the cross in motion!  The chief priests think they are about to get rid of Jesus but his declaration puts things in reality, His reign is about to begin!  This pandemic seems like a dreary sentence at best, but maybe just maybe something new is being released in your life and growth in Christ as well! IN CLOSING One of the Enemy's favorite lies is to convince us we are alone, that we are the only ones going through whatever it is that we are going through!  Well, we know we are all in this together...rejoicing, mourning, and pressing on! In Christ, Pastor Tim


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