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March 27th, 2020 Update

Hi Church, Thanks to so many of you who have expressed appreciation for this daily email. (I think the actual number is six)! :) To be honest, there are so many more up to date ways that we could be sharing each day, Facebook Live and all kinds of other things I don't understand!  A video stream might feel more personal.  But we have a fair number of our body for whom email is about as social media savvy as they get.  This address is meant for everyone, so thanks to you techies for putting up with this format.  Besides, I was made for radio, except for not having a radio voice. :) Just imagine you are hearing my voice though as you read this, because I really am imagining talking to each of you.   ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. At the IMA teleconference meeting last night we officially postponed the Easter Sunrise Service and Breakfast that Cornerstone was going to host for the community.  I think we are shooting for an Easter in July event! :)  But boy am I still looking forward to Easter...more on that in future emails. 2. Each week on Friday, John Stumbo, the president of our denomination does a brief video related to what is happening around us.  If interested, email me at and I will forward it to you. 3.  As more and more of us are now hearing that people we personally know have the Corona Virus, it somehow hits home on a deeper level.  Let's be faithful to pray.  Please do not hesitate to share requests of all kinds. Today, Matt Willauer is continuing to ask us to pray for him.  The incision sites from his gall bladder surgery are still infected. 4.  Food and assistance requests are beginning to amp up in terms of calls we are receiving at the office. Join us in praying that we will be light. 5. Wow, the lobby is really starting to look good...thanks to Matt Deeren's painting skills.  You might not recognize the place when you get back! 6. Each day when we check the mail, there are almost always two or three envelopes in which I am quite sure are people's weekly offerings.  I know many of us give online as well, but each mailbox stop is a fresh reminder of the faithfulness of God's people.  Next week we should have a good sense of how we did in March in terms of income and expenses.  We will let you know. And spoiler alert--- God provides! 7. We will include the live-stream link tomorrow as a reminder for Sunday. GLIMPSES OF GRACE As most of you know, one of our church "slogans" is that we don't measure success by our seating capacity, but by our sending capacity!  Occasionally I will say on a Sunday, "The the week I show up and nobody is here and I ask what happened, and somebody says,'Well, everyone is out serving'; I will grin from ear to ear and shout 'Success'!  This Sundaywhen I show up at Cornerstone, nobody is going to be there!  And as I think of the body of Christ now serving in so many different ways during this time, I will smile from ear to ear and shout, "Success!"  God is so good...his grace in Christ Jesus is always enough! DEVOTIONAL PERSPECTIVES (abbreviated and paraphrased from our Lenten resource this year- "The Unvarnished Jesus." 1.  When we divide the world into good and bad people we are missing Jesus typical way of categorizing---the proud and the humble! (Remember the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican?) We need to love the sinner and hate our own sin! 2.  What a thousand sermons from a hundred Pharisees could never accomplish, Jesus accomplished by simply sharing a meal with the most despised man/tac collector in town, Zacchaeus (who in our day would have been a mix between  Bernie Madoff and Benedict Arnold). We have no record that Jesus preached to Zacchaeus over dinner...but by the time they were done eating, love carried the day! 3.  As we learn from the story of Blind Bartemaus, When we observe suffering the primary question isn't who is to blame but how can I help. Suffering is not an opportunity to assign blame but to do the works of Godby helping to heal, restore, and alleviate suffering. IN CLOSING One of the things our extended family is doing with the Marco Polo app is starting a story and then asking someone else to continue it until someone declares "The End".  In this crisis, stories are taking shape that are worth sharing...and someday God in Christ Jesus will declare "The End" and the real party will begin! In Christ, Pastor Tim


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