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March 26th, 2020 Update

Good afternoon Church, Marlene and I just returned from a long walk in our neighborhood.  Many people were out and though we all kept our distance, most seemed more friendly than usual. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, kids were laughing...from the outside, you never would have known we are in the midst of a pandemic!  How true that seems of life as a whole.  We often see people from the outside and everything seems fine.  We are a culture that works hard at looking good.  But so many hurt on the inside!  May we never lose a heart of compassion and a desire that people find hope in Jesus. ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1. We have been getting ready for this week's live stream worship gathering.  Spoiler alert---there will be a special kid's section! 2. I continue to be so impressed with the creativity of Jenny Lust, our youth ministry assistant and Carrie Mason, our children's ministry assistant in connecting and coming up with ideas.  Carrie is resurrecting our little used Cornerstone Facebook page.  Be watching for a whole church family scavenger hunt with winners and prizes and everything. 3.  Take a minute to prayerfully think of someone connected to our body who might be especially lonely at this time...and don't just pray for them, also call them or email them and let them know they are not alone. GLIMPSES OF GRACE Though our economy is somewhat of a mess and live sports and much entertainment is on hold, such can serve to remind us that "materialism" and "consumerism" isn't what life is really all about.  Some of the stock market woes remind me of Revelation 19, which is a picture of economic collapse...and while the merchants and power brokers are in utter despair the church is shouting "Hallelujah"! How I pray that every real need will be met in the lives of those around us in Christ Jesus.  But if, when this is all done, we continue to live a little more simply and spend a little less time consumed with sports and entertainment, we may also be able to see and hear a little more clearly the still small voice of the Spirit reminding us what life is really all about.  We will be reminded that His grace is sufficient and more than enough. Andy maybe we too will shout, "Hallelujah!" DEVOTIONAL PERSPECTIVES (from this year's Lenten guide, "The Unvarnished Jesus") 1. When we have ideas that are definitely "biblical" (you can find them in this inspired unfolding story we call the Bible) but are contrary to the spirit and teaching of Jesus, we go with Jesus.  Just because something is biblical doesn't mean it's Christ-like!  You can find examples in the Bible of killing your enemies; but if you are a Christ follower, you know we are called to love our enemies. God is fully revealed in Jesus; we follow Him. 2. When we truly get around to understanding prayer (though you can never exhaust it's depths), we will realize it's not about getting God to do what we think He should do.  It's about being properly formed into the image of Christ.  If you spend a lot of time in conversation with Jesus, people are going to be able to tell! 3. When Jesus told the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus he was telling a Jewish folktale that had at least seven different variations.  But he added a new twist---the rich man's concern for his brothers. And he added an incredible insight---even someone returning from the dead won't convince those absolutely unwilling to shed their selfishness and acknowledge Kingdom life! May that kind of selfishness be broken in these days and may this pandemic open people's hearts to real life---not just til this is over, but forever! IN CLOSING Perhaps like many of you, our family is using the Marco Polo app to "tag" one another and remain connected.  I remember playing tag as a kid and even though being tagged meant you were it and you had to chase everyone else, everybody wanted to be tagged! Everybody wanted to know they were in the game!  Church, we are in the game, together! In Christ, Pastor Tim


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