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March 25th, 2020 Update

Updated: Mar 26

Greetings Church, ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. We stand ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Our care team is making regular calls and if you know someone who could use encouragement let us know.  Our crisis care coordinator, Scott Mason is making daily "need runs."  And  college students Josh Warner and Zach Pytlarz are hoping to put together a college team to be available to help as well.  Be watching for their video! And as always, let us know how we can pray! 2.  Joining in on a zoom call with a number of district churches today was interesting and encouraging as most are creatively finding ways to be the church in fresh ways.  One thought from that call...if live-streaming gets old before all this abates, maybe we can mix in a few drive-in worship gatherings in the parking lot! :)  Speaking of live-streaming, we could greatly improve what we can do if we added camera equipment more geared for such.  We have had no peace, however, making any kind of special appeal for funds when so much real need is around us.  So this is the last we will mention it, and if for some reason this interests you, you can contact me at and I will fill you in.   3.  With virtually no activity beyond staff checking in on our campus, we have taken on improvement projects using non-operating expense monies.  Pastor Matt was at the church bright and early to get started on painting the lobby today! GLIMPSES OF GRACE Yesterday Scott Mason stopped by a local pharmacy to pick up a prescription for an elderly diabetic lady in our community who had called us.  While there he engaged in conversation with the security guard who was moved to tears when he discovered Scott's purpose.  Scott had opportunity to encourage him to re-engage in his walk with Christ as he acknowledged he knew Jesus but had drifted.  Their mutual fist bump as Scott left was nothing short of a bear hug, COVID-19 style!  :) DEVOTIONAL PERSPECTIVE (from our Lenten book this year, "Unvarnished Jesus")  On Sunday, we will begin our two week countdown to Easter using the Biblical Stations of the Cross...until then I am pulling bits and pieces from devos that began on Ash Wednesday to catch us up: 1. When we are tempted to get even with people who have mistreated us, remember that an "eye for an eye" leaves the whole world half-blind. Jesus calls us into a world where revenge is renounced altogether and offered forgiveness carries the day. 2. When we fear that someone we deem as less deserving than us will be made equal to us based on their need and God's love, we are still operating according to an economy outside the Kingdom of Heaven.  When we hear Jesus' parable of the vineyard, we always identify with the group who worked all day and got paid last.  But in reality, maybe we are all in the camp of the workers who served only one hour but got paid for all day.  Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved someone like me! 3. When Moses and Elijah showed up to be with Jesus when he was transfigured, it symbolically represented the reality that the Law (Moses) and the Prophets (Elijah) now found their completion in Jesus Christ.  When Peter tried to make them all equal somehow, God's voice from heaven was clear.  "This is my beloved Son, listen to Him."  Jesus shows us fully what God is like and what we are called to be. IN CLOSING... I remember the first time it really dawned on me that the sun is always shining.  I was flying as a younger person on a very dreary, rainy day; but our flight required climbing above the clouds, and sure enough the sun was as bright as could be.  Soon we were back below the clouds and in the rain, but I still think about that a lot when it rains.  I don't like the rain, but above the rain, the sun is always shining.  Circumstantially it's raining right now and larger storms ARE on the horizon, but spiritually speaking, above the clouds,the Son is always shining and the Spirit is always at work.  Take heart!  Faith makes way more sense than fear! With you in Christ, Pastor Tim


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