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March 24, 2020 Update

Hi Church Family, It's been a long day and God is good...just getting around to writing some sort of update. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. Jenny Lust and Carrie Mason are thinking creatively in making connections and providing resources for our youth and our kids.  If you have children or grandchildren from preschool through high school and would like to know how to find out what Jenny and Carrie are doing,email me at and I will put them in touch with you. 2.  Working on Sunday's live-stream already...praying that all who the Spirit prompts to be a part will join us.  Last week's gathering is available at the YouTube channel for Cornerstone Alliance Church Marion OH. 3. Keep sharing praises and prayer requests.  Pray especially today for Nancy Reeves 93 year old mom who is dealing with this virus. If you would like the weekly prayer sheet with International and Local needs listed, respond to this email address and Sue will get such to you by Wednesday evening each week. 4. Would love to hear what your working situations are like---still working, laid off but pursuing unemployment, laid off and not eligible for unemployment etc.  If that's too personal somehow, I understand, but it gives me a greater sense of our body and ways to be praying.  Just drop me a line at 5.  When it comes to giving, let's not forget to include designation for Alliance Missions...which includes our own Sharon Foley.  As Beulah Beach chairman, I know we are working on just how large a loan we may need to keep things going through summer.  I will keep you posted and perhaps invite us to generously give a one week special offering at some point.  Camps are especially hard hit because they lose all revenue when no camps can be held. GLIMPSES OF GRACE For many, slowing down is awfully hard.  This forced slow down provides opportunity to truly practice Sabbath in our lives.  Hopefully when things pick up, we will keep this rhythm as a part of our weekly lives!  When we "rest" we shift from being in charge to recognizing God is in charge.  And that's a good thing! DEVOTIONAL PERSPECTIVES (from this year's Lenten book, "The Unvarnished Jesus" When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness the first temptation was to feed everyone but forget about make the Kingdom of God solely about social justice.  The second temptation was to persuade everyone and forget about faith.  The third temptation was to liberate everyone but forget the cross and seize the sword of power.  But Jesus can't be reduced to a spokesperson for our preferences.  He has his own agenda and it includes loving God and seeking first the Kingdom. When we talk about faith the size of a mustard seed, we are talking about faith with a tremendous potential to grow.(That's what tiny mustard seeds do)!  We may not think we are the kind of person who can consistently display the fruit of the Spirit and consistently use the gifts of the Spirit to be salt and light, but as we stay faithful to the journey and leave God room, it's amazing what is possible! When Christians gain any kind of notoriety or recognition it should be for Christ-likeness not celebrity status or personality. Bigness is not a Christian value, looking after the little ones and overlooked ones is! IN CLOSING A precious individual recently made Marlene and me aware of one of their favorite worship songs.  We sing it from time to time at Cornerstone; but as we listened to it again, we were stuck by how remarkably appropriate it is to the present crisis.  I have provided a connection to it below: You are loved and don't you forget it! Pastor Tim


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