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June 5th, 2020

Good Morning Church,

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Today we can start fresh by confessing all attitudes and actions that have built up for however long, and then invite the Holy Spirit to freshly fill all areas emptied! Be blessed and when bumped, may the fruit of the Spirit flow!  This will be the last of the bi-weekly updates which replaced the almost daily updates that began with the COVID-19 outbreak!  We will shift to once a week updates next week that will sort of serve as our "summer bulletin."


* There will be no Beulah on the Road Day Camp or Pre-school VBS, but we are able to offer 8-10 scholarships for any kids or youth

 who are interested in going to a Resident Camp at Beulah Beach. (Check out available camps that beginJuly 5at the Beulah Beach

 website). If you would like a scholarship, please contact Pastor Tim atimthankful124@yahoo.comand indicate the camp you would like to

 attend.  We will be willing to cover up to $250 of the cost of a youth camp, pending financial need. We would also be open to offering

 five day neighborhood clubs if there are families willing to host in their neighborhood...

*Beginning on Sundaynights in July, we hope to offer "The Chosen" series weekly here at the church.  It's an excellent, creative look

 at Jesus' ministry! It's great for the whole family and even inviting friends.  If we can pull it off, we will offer itat 6:00 PMin

 the worship center (more room for social distancing).  Sunday nightyouth ministry, which will be in home settings this summer, will

 be scheduled to begin later so youth and families who would like to attend can participate in the movies! Stay tuned!


Here is a basic outline of what to expect if you join with us this week at our9:00AMor10:45AMgathering:

1. All our entry doors on all sides will be propped openat 8:45 AM, though we hope people will not come early.  "Greeters" near the

  doors will be provided by our safety team at both say "hi", make sure distancing is honored etc.

2. The lobby will be closed, so please do not use that area for sitting or conversing.

3. Our water fountains have been turned off, so we will have bottled water available.

4. Hand sanitizer will be available at each entry point.

5. Masks are encouraged but optional.

6. The restrooms will be open but we hope to use them as sparingly as possible. :)

7. Activity bags for kids to keep will be available in the back, as well as table space for those who get restless.

8. There will be no bulletins.  Offering plates will be available in the back if you choose to give in this way. (The body as a whole

  has been so faithful to give online or mail in their offerings.  Thank you so much.)

9. Rows are spaced for social distancing and additional chairs are set up all around the walls of the worship center.  Families and

  friends who want to do so can sit beside each other.  But we are asking each different family/friend unit to space three chairs apart.

  We are estimating our maximum capacity with social distancing in place to be about 150.

10.Communion will be available in pre-packaged form and we will eat and drink together in a way that allows for social distancing and

  safe disposal.  All who will be live-streaming, have your communion elements (which will be much better than ours) ready to go! :)

11.Children's and youth presentations will be a part of our summer gatherings whenever children and youth are present...even one!

12.Doors will be closed and locked by the safety team 15 minutes after the start of each gathering (9:15 AMand11:00 AM) and reopened

  during the closing song of each gathering.

13.Live streaming will be offered at the10:45 AMGathering (and set up between gatherings).

14.Any encouraging conversation before our after each gathering should take place in the parking lot.  (In our "practice run" of sorts

  last week, this was the one thing we did not honor well!) Do not remain in the worship center.

Our goal is to be prepared but not obsessed; to model faith, but not fear or foolishness! We encourage people to come with no other agenda than to see Christ glorified and the Spirit set free to work! As we debrief each week, we may discover we need to make constant updates or adjustments. Thanks for your gracious patience and participation! Welcome as always, to the adventure!


I've been thinking a lot about the Old Testament prophets lately. While revered after they were gone, most were reviled while they were in ministry, as Jesus so clearly points out!  And one of the biggest reasons was they rarely offered a convenient message of "oh everything is fine the way it is."  They were constantly shaking the status quo, urging people to repentance and to live out justice and righteousness and to be faithful in the midst of the crisis versus just constantly wishing the crisis was over. But they always pointed to the day when all would be made right too!  Their message was a message of genuine hope in the midst of a myriad of false prophets declaring convenient hype.  Sadly, most of the people preferred the hype; and I wonder if we are much different today.  We have some prophetic voices speaking into crisis and injustice in our day too.  May we be humble enough to listen however uncomfortable, and Spirit-sensitive enough to respond in wise ways that truly point people to Jesus, and courageous enough to do it repeatedly whether those preferring convenience or excuses appreciate it or not.  And as always, may we offer real hope with gentleness and respect.

In Christ,

Pastor Tim


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