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June 2nd, 2020 Update

Hi Church,

This week will mark the last week of b-weekly updates.  Beginning next week, we will shift to one update a week.


We will dedicate our Friday update to reopening details forSunday, June 7. I don't think it will include a lot that we have not already included, but it will be good to hear it again and add anything that flows out of multiple leadership meetings/conversations this week.


* General Fund Giving faded a bit but remained fairly strong.  Through May, we are at 97% of what we anticipated receiving to date, and

 at 85% of the budget to date.

* Missional Giving (both Alliance Missions and Other Missions) is at 82% of what we anticipated receiving to date, and at 71% of the

 budget to date.

* We continue to estimate 400- 700 people tune in for at least some part of our live-stream gatherings each week, but the total number

 of views has decreased pretty significantly since May 10.

* I will never tire of reminding us that "nickels and noses" is not the bottom line in our's transformed lives and

 multiplied ministries!  Thanks for giving to the Lord.  Thanks for staying faithful.  Thanks for being light!


During these days of unrest connected to the very public wrongful deaths of some precious Black Americans, I confess my heart is heavy on many fronts.  My heart is heavy for their families and for the fresh pain of reopened unhealed wounds for so many of our African-American brothers and sisters.  My heart is heavy for misdirected and inappropriate violence in the midst of understandable and appropriate protest.  My heart is heavy for the stereotyping that goes on from all sides so that the "bad apples" are often set up as the norm. But most of all, my heart is heavy that we as the body of Christ struggle to truly mourn with those who mourn. Way too often, if we are not the mistreated or unfairly treated minority, or the poor person desperately trying to make ends meet, or the whatever person who finds himself or herself on the margins for whatever reason; we do a terrible job of putting ourselves in their shoes. We are quick to judge or throw out our "yeah buts" and slow to love, and repent of our biases we pretend aren't there, and seek to stand with them and be the light of Christ for them in any way we humbly can. It's just way too easy whenever we are in the more privileged position of whatever situation to fail to truly mourn with those who mourn. I want to be so open to the Spirit convicting me when I need to be convicted and repenting when I need to repent. The corona virus isn't the only virus we are dealing with these days. Systemic injustice is very real. And lament is a totally biblical response to all this pain.  Have mercy Lord and heal our hearts!

In Christ's Love,

Pastor Tim


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