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Friday, March 20th, 2020 - Update

Updated: Mar 26

Hi Church,

While we are all in this together, we are at many different stages of "response and reaction." COVID-19 has been an issue for our State for two weeks or so, and I am guessing for many, it is now starting to wear on us. Maybe it feels a little like we are "hitting the wall" to use a running term. Marathon runners talk about "hitting the wall" in this start out great but at some point, novelty wears off, you get tired, the end isn't anywhere in sight, and you hit the wall. Maybe for us, the routine has already gotten old, the real impact of the virus locally is just beginning, there is no clear end in sight...we are starting to hit the wall. For a marathon runner, there are two primary choices at this point---drop out of the race, or press on, not gloriously but faithfully, until you catch a "second wind" and then finish the race!

I am praying that each of us will press on, not necessarily gloriously but faithfully, until we catch that "second wind of the Spirit" and proceed to weather the storm til it ends. Faithfulness is doing the right thing, doing what we can---praying, parenting, patiently praying and parenting and loving and so many other things. Faithfulness is offering our best, not someone else's best; using our gifts in our context and not someone else's. Faithfulness is doing whatever we need to do increasingly rely on the Holy Spirit for strength. And faithfulness is keeping on doing it without complaining---turning worry energy to prayer. Faithfulness beats fear or foolishness every time. I am praying that whatever faithfulness looks like for each of us, God will make it clear, and we will press on---being light, mostly where we live right now, where we work and play as possible, and in media connections of all kinds like never before.

Worship this weekend is live-streamed on Sunday just at 10:15 AM. It will remain posted on our YouTube channel for those who can't join at that time. Hope to join with many of you and hope you invite friends! There is something important in continuing our normal rhythms as possible in so much that is changing---worshiping together, even on line at the same time we always do, is part of honoring that rhythm. Here's the link for joining us or you can just go to YouTube and type in Cornerstone Alliance Church Marion OH and you should be able to find it.

For those wanting a listening guide for Sunday's sermon (that was originally intended for kids but some adults have requested it too), just email me at to request it.

For those for whom computer limitations will make it difficult or impossible to tune in and would like a "text" the the sermon, just email me at and I will send it out sometime Sunday morning before 10:15 and you can create the audio in your own head! :)

Faithfulness includes declaring over and over again that God is good, that Christ is risen, and that the Spirit is at work. I am praying that today this truth will work its way from our heads, to our hearts, and to our hands and feet. You are loved.

In Christ,

Pastor Tim


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