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April 9th, 2020 Update

Hi Church, Beginning next week and post "Countdown to Easter" we will be shifting from almost daily updates to twice a week (bi-weekly) updates, most likely on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and Fridays. :)  Thanks to all of you who faithfully read through all this stuff! UPDATES: 1. About 40 people or so joined us for Park N Pray last night.  It was a simple but sweet time.  Presently we are thinking we will continue to do this...but would welcome any feedback. 2.  A few more of you each day are taking Marlene and me up on "Porch visits."  We haven't specifically responding to any of you but are noting all your information.  And next week we will begin making contacts to schedule a visit! :) 3. Please join us tomorrow evening at 6:30 PM for our Good Friday Gathering.  It will be very similar to many of our recent Good Friday gatherings with some fresh tweaking.  To fully participate with us, here's how to prepare: a. Make sure you have communion elements so we can celebrate communion together.  It doesn't have to be small crackers and tiny cups of grape juice.  Maybe you want to have rolls or some other form of bread to pass to your family...and grape juice is as good as any drink but use what you have. b. If you can have a cross like structure in your living room with a large pot or pan at it's base, that's great. If you can't pull off the cross, we understand. c. Please make sure everyone watching with you has a nail to drop in the pan when we get to the "nail offering" in our gathering. d. Finally, throughout the evening we will be turning lights out six different times at the live-stream so that it gets symbolically and literally darker and darker until the end when we declare "It is finished!"  If you can figure out a way to have six "lights" on in your viewing area as we begin and turn one off each time we instruct you to do so, so that you end your night in darkness as well, that will really add to our worship experience together! TWELFTH BIBLICAL STATION OF THE CROSS: Jesus Gives His Mother to John (John 19:25-27)- "The Unvarnished Jesus" At Golgotha we find  a crowd of cruel mockers and jeering priests but they aren't the only people there. We also find family and friends of Jesus and this provides us with one of the most tender moments of the Passion. Even as Jesus is dying on the cross,his love and compassion reaches out to others as he commits his mother and John to a relationship of mutual care: "Here is your son. Here is your mother." And what we have in this episode with Jesus, Mary,and John is a poignant picture of Jesus' vision for his church- a community of faith centered around our Lord and his cross, caring for one another. There really is a sense in which we should see the church as our mother; and the church really should think of its members as beloved children. When we hear Jesus speaking from the cross directing a disciple to care for his mother, we can take it as a symbolically sacred plea from Christ to care lovingly for the church as our mother.  Our commitment to Jesus is expressed in part in our devotion to His church.  Jesus is our Lord and Savior, but the church is like a mother, a mother who provides care and is to be cared for...not a cold institution but  a community where people have real opportunity to find love, acceptance, and dignity.  At it's best there is nothing like the church.  A place where Matthew 25 is just a normal day---a place where the poor are fed and clothed, the sick are helped and healed, the immigrant is welcomed and the prisoner is given dignity.  A place where a judge and a felon can sit side by side in the same row with equal status in Christ.  A place where we not only carry each other's burdens, but when necessary carry each other because despite our differences, we are learning to love one another like Jesus loves us! That's the kind of place our world is looking for! GLIMPSES OF GRACE We have alluded to this before, but I can think of four realities that all begin with "S" that have potentially come alive during this pandemic: 1. Sabbath- super busy people are learning at least a little how to rest and spend time with family and the Lord 2. Simplicity- super stressed people are finding that in simplicity comes a sense of peace instead of conflict 3. Sensitivity- super driven people are finding that God now has their attention...that he wants to offer them real hope in   Jesus, by the power of the Spirit 4. Sacrifice- super consumer driven, materialistic people are discovering that it isn't all about stuff and entertainment and that even in sacrificial giving in the midst of difficulty, there is joy! If any to all of these "S" realities are growing in any of us to any degree, that's grace at work.  As one of our governing board members said at our meeting last night, and I'm paraphrasing..."I hope I never go back to what I was before this!" May it be so! In Christ, Pastor Tim


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