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April 8th, 2020 Update

Hi Church, I will get straight to the point with a few updates and then provide today's Lenten devotional summary.... UPDATES 1. Please consider joining us tonight for "Park N' Pray" in our parking lot at 6:30 PM.  We have checked with the Sheriff and Health Department and are good to go.  We are asked to keep our windows rolled up.  We will be broadcasting from 88.5 FM. We are not encouraged to leave our cars on, so if you are worried you might use up your battery, bring a portable radio. The whole gathering will be about 50-55 is intended for connection and encouragement! 2. Marlene and I will be contacting those interested in "porch visits" beginning next week... :) 3. Good Friday and Easter gathering info. will be shared in days ahead! LENTEN DEVOTIONAL (Adapted from "The Unvarnished Jesus") Eleventh Biblical Station of the Cross- Jesus and the Two Thieves (Luke 23:39-43) When we think of crucifixion, with think of Jesus, but Rome crucified hundreds of thousands of victims and Jesus was not even granted the dignity of his own crucifixion.  He was one of three crucified on Good Friday.  Jesus doesn't die as a lone sufferer but as Immanuel among sufferers.  As God, the suffering of Jesus is unique, but as human his suffering is in solidarity with all human suffering.  Human suffering so often seems pointless and meaningless until we realize it is shared by God in Christ with us.  And once God is involved it is no longer pointless or meaningless...for by his wounds we are healed! The three crosses also present us with the image of choice, for how we respond to Jesus means and determines everything. One of the crucified revolutionaries sees in Jesus the possibility of a new kingdom and believes.  The other finds cruel solace in joining the crowd in blaming another.  But when we deal with our anger, fear, pain, and shame by blaming others, we cooperate with the Enemy and keep ourselves locked up in our self-imposed hell. One thief finds forgiveness while the other misses what the Kingdom is all about! As we walk through this pandemic, there is plenty of room to get angry, fearful, and blame people.  But a better way to walk is with love, grace, and forgiveness...offering hope and light that is only found in the Kingdom!!! In Christ, Pastor Tim


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