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April 4th, 2020 Update

Hi Church! Sure hope you got to spend time outside today!  Marlene and I got to participate in a birthday parade for our youngest grandchild, Eli, who turned two today!  So many people commenting about what a lift two days of sunshine have provided!  I am a sun fan as well; rainy days do tend to get me down as the song says.  But what we have said before bears repeating.  The sun shines every day; we just can't always see it.  God is always at work, in Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. We just can't always see it. We need to soak that in so deep that nothing can shake it! Keeping it short(er) tonight: 1. Hope you are planning to join us tomorrow for Palm Sunday worship, live-stream style.  Have your branches ready (and if not your  branches, your voice of praise)!  And it's not too late tonight to invite a friend or neighbor with whom you have built a relationship and who might never darken the doors of a church, to join in too. Below is our youtube channel link.  We come on about 10:00 AM and worship begins at 10:15 AM. 2. Nancy Reeves' mother, Serena Gatwood's test for Covid-19 came back negative, praise the Lord.  She will continue to be in isolation though for two weeks after her discharge from the hospital.  She continues to be weak, refusing to eat but willing to take liquids.  With no family visits or contact, and dealing with a UTI and pneumonia at age 93, see seems to be giving up.  She is a believer for which we rejoice.  Please continue to pray. 3. Jerry Kantzer is back home after his emergency room visit today due to a mild seizure.  They are continuing to attempt to adjust his medications to eliminate the seizures.  Continue to pray. EASTER COUNTDOWN DEVOTIONAL (Adapted from our Lenten Resource, "The Unvarnished Jesus") Eight Biblical Station of the Cross: Simon of Cyrene carries Jesus' cross (Mark 15:21) Mark tells his readers that Simon was a Jewish Passover pilgrim from North Africa and the father of Rufus and Alexander, who both were leaders in the first century church.  So we are guessing that Simon must have become a believer!  Can you imagine Simon visiting an early house church and seeing and hearing fellow believers whispering, "the cross bearer is here!" I would love to hear Simon tell the story of how Jesus changed his life! But the fact that Simon carried Jesus' cross when physically he could not, is a powerful symbolic reminder that there are times when we have reached our limits that God will send someone to help. Even the strongest of us have those times!  And scripture doesn't say that we won't be given more than we can handle.  It says that when life is overwhelming, God will provide a way of escape that we can keep on.  Sometimes that way of escape is the hands and feet of Jesus, cleverly disguised as a brother or sister willing to help! As all this from time to time gets overwhelming for those around us, oh church, let's step in to be help and be helped!  May we be the light of Christ where we live, work, play, and stay! Pastor Tim


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