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April 3rd, 2020

Hi Church, At some point, once we are past Easter, these "updates" will definitely be less often and maybe even less lengthy!  Going the regular video route might get the information out to more, and it definitely would be more cutting edge! :)  But you know, you can read a lot faster than someone can talk, so I'm just saving us all some time! :) ANNOUNCEMENTS/UPDATES 1. We are no longer keeping any set office hours.  All staff is working from home as well as coming into the office/campus as needed and at their discretion.  Calls on the church line are being checked regularly, but if you have cell #'s, that will be a faster way to get connected. 2. Looking forward to Palm Sunday...we have a great kid's story and a special video greeting...the Sermon title is: "Who is our King!"...worship songs chosen are so fitting...we can't wait to be with you...invite others to the live-stream who you really sense might benefit or be encouraged. 3.  Park and Pray is definitely on for Wednesday, April 8 at 6:30 PM!  We will be broadcasting at the 88.5 FM frequency.  Our clear transmission range is about 300 feet so the parking lot is about as far away as you can be! (If you are tall and willing to stand on a ladder and hold our transmitter high in the air the whole time, we might be able to increase our range to 600 feet!) The "park and pray" will consist of a brief devotional, one or two songs, and two or three of us from the staff or care elders leading in prayer. We will keep it under 60 minutes.  We have scrapped the "get out of your car and put prayer requests on a table for us to grab and pray for."  People get paranoid about if you have requests you want included, please email them to the church email address. If this goes well, we will continue it for a while.  We may even wrestle with using this at some point to provide a second worship venue on Sundays---shorter worship etc., same sermon. 4.  Today was the release of our Alliance President, John Stumbo's weekly update.  I will be glad to forward it to any of you who specifically request it by emailing me at  The first part of the video explains that while we are using our reserves and cutting all travel and ministry expenses to a minimum, saving literally millions of dollars; such has not been enough in terms of anticipated Great Commission Giving decline.  All our international workers and national office personnel have taken a 10% pay cut, and some employees in the national office have been terminated or laid off.  As we are able church, let's not forget to include giving to the Great Commission in the offerings we mail in or give online.  The second half of the video is an excellent devotional from Jeremiah 29! 5.  Now that our March financials are in...general fund giving was about 73% of last March's giving and Alliance missions and other missions giving was really down.  The good news, though, is that we were able to give more than we spent with regard to daily operations!  Our general fund balance is $28,000.  April will truly give us a more accurate sense of spending and giving.  We will talk about this at our Governing Board's Zoom meeting next week.  And we will keep you posted as appropriate! Thanks for continuing to give. COUNTDOWN TO EASTER (Adapted, abbreviated, and adjusted from our Lenten resource book, "The Unvarnished Jesus") Biblical Station of the Cross #7: Jesus is given His cross- John 19:16-17 Toward the end of Jesus' teaching ministry we find Jesus saying to the people---If you will just hold to my teachings, the truth will set you free!  They object and say that they are free; after all they are children of Abraham.  Jesus responds by saying that if they were really Abraham's children they would do what Abraham did, but instead they want to kill him.  What was it that Abraham did to which Jesus is referring?  One distinct possibility is that when he and his son Isaac made their way up the mountain, Abraham put down the knife and rather than sacrificing Isaac, trusted God's provision.  The Jews don't want to trust God and are choosing to kill Jesus.  Ironically and amazingly, though their hearts are wrong, in killing Jesus, a lamb is provided who ends all sacrifices! GLIMPSES OF GRACE Have you noticed that the grass is growing and is turning that rich green of Spring.  Our yard is ready for it's second mowing of the season!  Maybe in the midst of a world where so much seems turned upside down, we thought maybe the grass wouldn't grow this year or at least shouldn't grow this year? Doesn't the grass know we are in the middle of a pandemic! No it doesn't, but it's creator does...and the reassuring sense that He is still at work in something as simple as grass growing (or sun shining) is a glimpse of grace! IN CLOSING I am passing on a very interesting article for those interested...thanks again to Brock for alerting me to it.  The link is below but the gist of the article relates to what a "wisdom" diet would like. Much like we have a food pyramid and there are some foods we should take in a lot more than others to be healthy; this author suggests a wisdom pyramid, especially appropriate at this time when we need wisdom and we are flooded with so many sources of information.  Spoiler alert---the author suggests Scripture as our best source, followed by the church, nature, books, and then at the top in the tiniest part of the pyramid---social media.  If he would add to Scripture something to the effect of saying our foundational source is Jesus, as reflected in the written Word in the power of the Holy Spirit, I think I largely agree.  Too much of our reflection time is spent surfing the net,listening to newscasts, FaceBooking opinions etc.  At a time when we desperately need wisdom, perhaps we need to change our wisdom seeking diet just a little! In Christ, Pastor Tim


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