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April 2nd, 2020 Update

Hi Church, Checking in a little earlier today.  I hope you are enjoying the sunshine.  Sometimes, when we are heavily burdened it doesn't seem like the sun should shine...rain seems more appropriate.  But the warmth of the sun can remind us of the love of the Son!  Soak it in! ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1. Palm Sunday has pretty much taken shape...can't wait to worship with you.  Invite others!  It's still the easiest time in a long time to invite someone to "church"! It's way less intimidating! :)  In preparation for Sunday, see if you can't have some palm branches or the like handy!  And kids, you won't want to miss this week's story! 2. I think we are going to be able to pull off a "Park and Pray" in our parking lot, next Wednesday night at 6:30 PM.  We will lead from under the church portico and cars can face us (face north) and listen in on their radios.  The 60 minute time will consist of a brief devotional,some simple songs, and much prayer.  (You will have opportunity to share a request by filling it out at the table we will have outside...just keep your six foot distance from anyone else doing the same!)  If we have at least ten cars, we may make this a weekly habit for a while. (And if I am being optimistic and we can't pull this off, we will let you know...but wanted to give you a heads up for consideration)! 3.  Easter Sunday will be via live stream.  We had hoped to add a parking lot component where people could drive in or stay home and watch by live stream.  But it's too complicated to do both.  It works best to do the live-streaming from inside and we don't have a screen big enough to put outside for those who would drive in. And if we just do a drive in, we feel we will leave out a lot of people who can't or won't come but will join us from their homes.  We know how much some if not many of you are itching to get together, at least car to car if not face to face.  If we come up with any creative ideas (or if we steal any creative ideas from other churches), you will be the first to know.  Maybe you can check out Wednesday's "Park and Pray". :) 4. Speaking of seeing one another, we are urging all small groups---growth groups, Life groups, Bible studies to find some media platform for getting together at the regular time you always get together each week!  We have groups that are using ZOOM.  We have groups that are using conference calling... but whatever you use, try to make it a part of the regular rhythms of your life! COUNTDOWN TO EASTER DEVOTIONALS (Adapted, Abbreviated, and Added to from our Lenten resource/book, "The Unvarnished Jesus") Sixth Station of the Cross: Jesus is Scourged and Mocked (Mark 15:15-20) If we had asked Jesus' disciples in the spring of 30 AD why they were going to Jerusalem at Passover, it is very likely they would have said, "So Jesus can become King and usher in God's reign!"  And they would have been right, except it looked way different than they thought. Judas perhaps caught on most quickly, but when Jesus was condemned and turned over to the Roman soldiers for a beating and flogging I confess I don't like to think about; everybody knew this Messiah hadn't come to overthrow Rome.  How horrifying it is for us to picture the mock coronation the Roman soldiers re-enacted for this man who was being sentenced to death for claiming to be King.  A flogging so gruesome as to be referred to as "the half death", followed by a crown of skull piercing thorns, followed by the donning of a purple robe now sticking to his bleeding body, followed by mock salutes and bows, and capped of with spitting and beating him with the mock scepter is what we witness through the gospel accounts. And yet incredibly, what the soldiers meant as cruel mockery, was the coronation of the world's one true King. Jesus, through his suffering, death, and resurrection was ushering in His kingdom and we are his grateful followers!  It looked way different than everyone imagined, but make no mistake, Jesus claimed His Kingdom! These last few weeks and maybe many more to come look very different that any of us imagined, but make no mistake, Christ is still risen!  Jesus is still Lord and King! GLIMPSES OF GRACE Now that we have been doing this a while and you get the idea, feel free to pass on your glimpses to me at I don't promise to use them all but I will appreciate them all.  Usually I won't use your name...maybe more of you will feel comfortable sharing that way. :) 1.  A very young believer in our body began reading the Bible for the first time this week...staring with "Page 1" ! :) 2.  A young mom recently shared that this slowing down has caused her to catch little things she normally misses...and she never knew she had so many neighbors! :) IN CLOSING Can you believe, if the story is correct, that this COVID-19 deal started with a bat who somehow passed this on to a pangolin (I am not sure I am spelling that right or even know what it is) or a snake that bit a man.  And whether that's the straight story or not, it all started somehow, with one person.  One!  Can you believe, and the story is correct, that in each one of us as Christ followers resides the Holy Spirit, who can begin through us a holy contagion of light and love that can change the world.  One! In Christ, Pastor Tim


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