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April 24th, 2020 Update

Good Morning Church, In hearing from a number of people lately, while they are hanging in there, this is starting to get old...especially for extroverts who just really miss connecting face to face with other people.  And with the weather not being great, I am hearing that younger kids who maybe can't put it fully into words, are getting pretty frustrated.  I woke up agitated myself this morning, with no direct cause, just agitated.  My heart really goes out to kids and extroverts and people all alone these days! May the following "P" words be growing Spirit-given realities for each of us today: Prayer, Patience, Perspective, and Perseverance! And if you are looking for some excellent entertainment to add life to your day, allow me to recommend season one of the eight part series, The Chosen.  Just google "The Chosen TV series" and you should be able to find it. It is a wonderfully and incredibly creative look into the life of Jesus and his followers that will make you laugh and cry and will stir you to your very soul.  We have been watching it at our house (we have watched seven of eight episodes so far) and we can't wait til Season Two comes out!  Spoiler alert---the scenes when Jesus first heals Mary Magdalene, hangs out with children, and has his night time conversation with Nicodemus were favorites at our house. Park N' Pray II last Wednesday night will probably be our last Wednesday night prayer meeting in that format.  We are thinking of switching to a Zoom prayer meeting with those who would like to literally pray through our global, local, and glocal prayer requests via the prayer update we send out. We will share more next week. This Sunday will mark the seventh week that we have offered corporate worship on Sunday mornings via Live-Stream!  And perhaps like many other things during this pandemic, this has lost a little of its novelty for some of you too. I am not sure how many of you have joined us every week; but if Live-Stream works at all like face to face attendance,it's probably dwindling or changing. :) For example, of the 500-600 people who call Cornerstone home, I would safely guess that probably less than 100 of us regularly attend as many as seven weeks in a row! But we want to continue to encourage you to plug in with a prepared heart and expect God to speak to you! We continue to seek to offer our very best every week as unto the Lord, and that isn't going to change. Faithfulness is offering our best, not someone else's, consistent with our gifts, not someone else's, in the power of the Spirit, repeatedly, without complaining. So we are seeking to be faithful!  I am so thankful for Jessie and Scott working the sound room, Brock working the cameras and setting everything up, Marlene reading the stories so warmly, and Matt and the many different worship team/band members stepping up to offer Spirit-sensitive worship! We do plan to continue Live-Stream as a regular part of what we offer in worship even after we return to face to face gatherings.  If we are able to offer it, we will do so, not as an excuse to avoid gathering, but as an opportunity for more to plug in when they are sick or have activities or circumstances that make being physically present impossible, and as an outreach tool to invite others who might be initially intimidated to attend a church gathering to check things out and be touched by the Spirit. It will take probably $3,000 to $5,000 in additional equipment and one or two additional dedicated and trained support people running it each week, but to this point, we prayerfully believe "the juice is worth the squeeze." As I wrap up today's update, I wonder if you have heard the news stories of how drastically pollution is down, especially in our major cities...up to 50%!  And much of it can be attributed to the fact that there are far less cars on the road.  Now at some point those cars will be back on the road, and I am guessing pollution will soar; but who would have thought this was possible?!  Who would have thought a simple (though admittedly radical) change could produce such results?  Well, what has happened physically, I am praying might happen spiritually; and here is what I mean. Can you imagine what might happen if virtually every genuine Christ follower made the simple yet radical choice to confess the junk in their lives and invite the Holy Spirit to fill them or freshly fill them and control their lives?  Can you imagine what might happen if literally, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control flowed consistently from every Christ follower! The spiritual landscape of our world would begin to change overnight!  We wouldn't have to beat people over the head with the Bible, complain, push policies, etc. People would be drawn to ask questions because they would see Jesus. Spiritual conversation would become the norm in our homes, neighborhoods, sports leagues, and work places! Lives would be changed from the inside out.  The gospel, this good news of great joy for all people, would become what it was always intended to be, the mustard seed that explodes.  We would have a new spiritual pandemic; the gospel would be contagious!  I woke up agitated today, but I have to confess, I am getting a little excited! :) In Christ, Pastor Tim


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