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May 1st, 2020 Update

Updated: May 8

Good morning Church, It is good to "greet" you again this morning!  I am well aware that some receiving this email are perhaps weary of updates and rarely open them while others as they put it, receive them as "precious lifelines" that help keep them going.  But whether boring or meaningful or somewhere in between, I want to be faithful to continue.  Please know that Marlene and I think of you often, this motley crew, united in Christ Jesus! INITIAL SURVEY RESPONSES/LIVE STREAMING DIRECTION Thanks to those of you who have responded thus far to the informal survey in Tuesday's update.  Though our sample size is still fairly small, this is what is taking shape.  About 45% indicated they intend to return to worship gatherings just as soon as the doors open again; 15% indicate they may wait a little while to make sure things are in place, and 40% indicate that due to health and circumstances, they may be a part of the live-streaming audience for quite some time. For those planning to return immediately or soon after the doors open, 40% would attend a 9:00 AM gathering and 60% a 10:15 AM gathering.  And 40% said they might at least be open to attending a Thursday evening gathering if an additional gathering was needed to accommodate social distancing guidelines! This past week the governing board approved "purchasing the best equipment available to enhance the quality of continued live-streaming" once we return to some level of people present.  The approximate cost for such given present pricing is as follows: $1,300 for a streaming computer that can be operated from the sound room; $700 for streaming software; $300 for a Media Shout upgrade; $300 for a new splitter and graphics card; $2,200 for a primary permanent camera; and $1,700 for a secondary moveable camera, for a total around $6,500.  To date, $1,200 has been generously given for these purchases. I would encourage all for whom ongoing live-stream will be especially important personally or as an outreach tool for inviting to consider giving at least something in days ahead. And whatever we are short, we will find some area of our budget and/or in-out accounts to cover it. Our intention with regard to continuing live-streaming as a weekly part of worship moving forward is two fold: to provide access for those in our body who for multiple reasons cannot attend on any given Sunday, and to create an outreach opportunity to invite others who may not be ready to darken a church campus door as well as those the Spirit might randomly lead to our YouTube site and use such to speak to their needs!  This will never replace meeting together; but it will hopefully enhance opportunities to stay connected and reach beyond our walls.  We have decided the "juice is worth the squeeze." WORSHIP THIS WEEK! Speaking of worship gatherings, we sure hope you will join us this week at our YouTube channel. The message from Hebrews has been moved back a week.  We will be in Micah and addressing the subject, "Starting Points for Justice." Marlene will be sharing a children's story with her usual warmth and creativity.  The praise team will lead all out with prepared hearts. And we will be celebrating Communion together, so have your elements ready!  I really want to encourage you to not grow weary in live-streaming and join with us! And to seriously think if there might be anyone to invite who would benefit.  We can only offer our best, but the Spirit can use that in amazing ways we did not expect! DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT I know the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920 has been in the news a lot more recently in that it was the last major pandemic in our history.  Here are some of the statistics from that flu.  500 million people (1/3 of the world's population at that time) was supposedly infected. 17-100 million people died from the flu, with 50 million being the most accepted number. 670,000 died from the flu in the United States. It had four waves of infection and lasted almost three years! And yet it is intriguing to read of the responses of various Christians and Christian groups that can be found in articles of that time. I believe their response could be summed up this way- "faithfulness in the midst of it and fresh initiative coming out of it."  Fervent prayer and compassionate ministry went on in the midst of it, and new ministry initiatives were launched in the aftermath of it.  Beulah Beach is one such example!  Founded in 1920 as the Spanish flu was winding down, a group of people bought some land and asked the Lord what He might want them to do with it for His glory!  I pray our responses will be similar both now and in days ahead. You know it's also interesting, depending on how you adjust the numbers at least here in Ohio, about 40 days passed from the time we got serious about addressing this pandemic and our most recent initial lifting of some restrictions.  Forty has always been a number of symbolic proportions from a Biblical perspective.  It reflects the required period of time for needed change to incubate and fresh direction emerge!  We seem to be a long way from this pandemic being over, but may we continue to pray that some of the healthy fresh habits learned/incubated in the last forty days continue to take shape, and that fresh and creative ways to be the light of the gospel continue to emerge. Jesus is Lord.  Let's get on board! In Christ, Pastor Tim


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