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April 1st, 2020 Update

Greetings Church, Christ is risen!  No foolin'! Christ is risen indeed! ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. Our live stream Good Friday Gathering set for 6:30 PM next week is taking shape.  In preparation for worshiping with us from your living rooms,here is what you will need: some form of bread and drink that you/your family will use as your communion elements when we take communion together, as well as nails for each member of your family and a large metal pan to drop them in.  Also, if you can figure out a way to have six lights in the room that can be all turned on and then turned off one at a time, you will be able to re-enact the increasing darkness we will be creating throughout our gathering.  And if you can create some kind of cross or cross-like structure to be prominent in the room throughout the evening, that will add to the sense that we really are together too! 2. One of the things we are trying to do is keep the same rhythms of church life that we normally have, just in slightly different forms.  For example, youth group meets by ZOOM (as will our Governing Board); Carrie Mason sends out kid lessons and more to young families, the care team has stepped up calling to pray with people; several of our growth groups or life groups meet at their regular time by teleconference.  Well, Marlene gave me an idea (many of my ideas I have taken from her over the years) to reinvent our Wednesday night prayer gathering as a "Park and Pray!"  Once I am sure we can figure it out, I will share more; but I am hoping to invite you to come in your cars on Wednesday evening for a 60 minutes or less Drive-In prayer time. If we can't figure it out or make it happen, you can still get our weekly prayer resource just by asking! 3. I think I mentioned last week that Josh Warner and Zach Pytlarz (two of our college students) were planning to develop some sort of ministry of caring for the body and community.  Well, that's taking shape too.  If you go to Facebook and enter "Cornerstone Cares Program", their Facebook page should come up explaining what they hope to do.  They are also putting together a video for which we will provide a link and connect to our website when it's ready!  (And when I say "we", I mean someone more techie than me!) LENTEN DEVOTIONAL COUNTDOWN TO EASTER (adapted and abbreviated from "The Unvarnished Jesus") Fifth Station of the Cross: Jesus is condemned by Pilate (Luke 23:13-25) We will talk about this a little more in our Palm Sunday sermon, but did you know that Barabbas was probably more likely a national hero than a common criminal?  The insurrection he led was against Rome and it's likely he killed a Roman soldier. For many Jewish people looking for salvation from Rome, he would have been a hero.  His full name was Jesus Barabbas...he too was a Messiah like figure.  So when Pilate asked, "Do you want me to release Barabbas or Jesus?", he was symbolically asking what kind of Messiah do you who rules with power over or one who rules with love under?  The answer for the crowd that day was obvious...ah, will take the power over Messiah.  Give us Barabbas.  We are still tempted to do the same thing today...but oh how I pray instead we will say, I'll follow Jesus and see the world turned upside down by His love! GLIMPSES OF GRACE I don't have anything specific today.  I feel a burden to come up with something each day, and I know grace is going on all around us, but today I am simply committing all of us from the weakest of hands (ours), to the strongest of hands (His)!  Most days we don't go out in a blaze of glory...most days are faithfully cashed in, a nickel and a dime at a time!  And He walks with us on the mundane days too...maybe especially on those days! In His Grace, Pastor Tim


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