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April 17, 2020 Update

Good morning Church, Here are the updates heading into this weekend: 1. We will be adding a dimension to our live-stream gathering this weekend.  We will be making it possible for you to send in prayer requests during the time of praise!  All requests received by the end of our praise time will be remembered during our pastoral prayer. I don't know how this works; I'm trusting Brock to make it happen! :)  But tune in a little early on Sunday to get the instructions as a part of our scrolling announcements. (All you techies probably already understand exactly how it will work). 2. Speaking of live-stream, many have expressed a desire to see live-streaming continue after things return to "normal".  We have been discussing this as a staff and as a leadership board and do indeed hope to do so.  There are probably three levels or options of quality that we could engage---from just a screen shot from the sound room that would not change throughout the worship and would be a little small, to the quality of what we are presently doing and then some. A minimal effort would require one devoted person to this every week and maybe $1,000 more in equipment investment.  A maximum effort would requite two (trained) and devoted persons to this every week and maybe $3,000 more in equipment investment.  Whatever we do, we are not in the least interested in replacing face to face meeting with just getting together virtually! If this becomes an easy excuse to stay home we have missed the point! The church is His people meeting together in the flesh! But live-stream could open the door to participating when one is sick, catching up when one has been on vacation or had conflicting events, inviting people to check things out in a non-intimidating first exposure way, and randomly connecting with people the Holy Spirit prompts to tune in. Pray with us for wisdom and balance in this pursuit... and that we never lose sight of meeting together! 3.  Questions are beginning to swirl as to when churches will be allowed to "re-open" and with what limitations. Our best guess (and it is a guess) is that gatherings of over 100 will definitely not be permitted until at least this fall.  If such would be the case, we could continue live-streaming the way we presently are (the cameras would just be in the middle of our limited seating)and inviting people to join us in groups that we figure out how to keep under 100.  That might include multiple gatherings and/or inviting certain parts of the body one week, another part the next, etc. If things open up much faster or more fully, we will welcome you all with you great joy and will wrestle with live-streaming in possible forms as discussed above. We continue to pray for wisdom, more full blown testing, vaccine development, and miraculous as well as "strength made perfect in weakness" healing in the midst of all of this!  Jesus is Lord! 4. Park N' Pray is on for this next Wednesday at 6:30 PM in the north parking lot.  We are shifting to 90.9 FM as our transmitting signal to hopefully avoid interference for those parked more on the edges.  We are asking out of consideration for others, that we keep our windows closed and remain inside our cars... You are welcome to honk and shadow high-five, but not hug! :) I am guessing as was with me, that seeing snow when you woke up this morning wasn't exactly uplifting! But it's interesting that almost all the references in Scripture to snow are "positive" ones---it cleanses, it refreshes, and it reminds us of an awesome God! As usual, how we handle life is a matter of perspective---may ours always be driven by faith!  In one sense today at least I am saying, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  :) In Christ, Pastor Tim In Christ, Pastor Tim


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