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April 11th, 2020 Update

Good morning Church! Today we come to the final station of the cross in our Countdown to Easter Lenten Devotional Guide.  We have been adapting these thoughts directly from the book, "The Unvarnished Jesus", and then sometimes paraphrasing those thoughts or adding to those thoughts.  I know some of you picked up the book during our Ash Wednesday video gatherings at the church.  I think we have one copy remaining; but I would encourage you if interested, to order the book.  It's one of the best Lenten Devotionals I have seen in a number of years...really makes us think afresh! Tomorrow morning, we will offer one last devotional, but here is today's: FOURTEENTH STATION OF THE CROSS: Jesus is Buried (John 19:38-42) Today we see Jesus now dead upon the cross.  As we see a soldier pierce his side and blood and water mysteriously flowing, we are reminded of the sacraments of Baptism (water) and Communion (blood).  Even as from the first Adam placed in a deep sleep, Eve was brought forth, now from the pierced side of the Last Adam in the deeper sleep of death is the bride of Christ brought forth.  We watch in hushed reverence as Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea take the body of Jesus down from the cross, prepare it for burial,and lay it in the garden tomb.  Is there any more jarring phrase than this, "God is dead!" The early Lutherans had a Holy Saturday hymn that went like this: "O darkest woe.  Ye tears forth flow.  Has earth so sad a wonder?  God the Father's Only Son... Now is buried yonder!  O sorrow dread!  Our God is dead!" When we speak of the incarnation and the word Immanuel our minds go immediately to Christmas and a baby wrapped in cloths, lying in a manger. But Christ is never more Immanuel (God with us) than when we see Jesus wrapped in grave clothes lying in a tomb. Jesus Christ is God with us in birth and life, but he is also God with us in sorrow and death. There are two ways to look at Holy Saturday. One is from the perspective of weeping and waiting, and indeed it often seems that much of the circumstances of our lives are lived out in that weeping and waiting framework. But the other perspective is this...that on Holy Saturday Jesus is not inactive. He has descended into Death and Hell to destroy Death by death! On Saturday, Death dared to swallow God but it could not digest Divinity!!! Death and evil's attempt led to it's demise. Good Friday is past; Holy Saturday is here, but Resurrection Sunday's coming!  So while we often weep and wait, we can weep and wait with hope and joy and confidence that sin has been forgiven, death has been defeated, and the best is yet to come! (I just want to shout, "Christ is risen", but I will have to wait!) Speaking of what's coming, we can't wait to worship with you this Easter Sunday!  Our gathering will not be complicated.  We will have a glorious set of traditional Easter songs, followed by our Kid's story and prayer, followed by a glorious set of contemporary Easter songs, and a message entitled, "The Asterisked Easter of 2020?!" It is not too late to prayerfully think of  friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers who probably won't be plugging into any other Easter setting and invite them to "church"! And let's pray together for nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else than what the Spirit wants to see accomplished in the lives of those who listen! Please continue to pray for the many requests that have been shared over recent weeks...for those who are lonely and anxious, those facing relational and financial and physical challenges and delayed surgeries, and especially those dealing with the COVID-19 virus, including Rick Kennedy and the Hootman family. Pray for a spiritual awakening among many. Pray that Easter will be a day of incredible healing!!!! Today I am living life in the shadow of Good Friday, the weeping and waiting of Holy Saturday, and the incredible joy of Resurrection Sunday, all at the same time! I invite you to do the same! In Christ, Pastor Tim


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