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A Heavy Heart

Hi again Church,

I have been asked to post what I shared at the end of my bi-weekly update earlier today separately so that it would not be lost among other "news."  What I share is woefully inadequate and to be honest, the voices each of us need to be listening to is that of our Black brothers and sisters in Christ who painfully understand this unrest in ways we simply do not.  I have little right to speak other than to point us to our real hope- Jesus.  His unconditional love, practiced by His body from every race, tribe, tongue, and nation, changes everything.

But I would encourage us to stop making excuses, however good those excuses might seem to be, to avoid looking at the "thing" itself in this issue-the almost 400 year history of racial trauma and oppression still plaguing blacks in this country. And if you are needing a black voice to hear, I recommend Esau McCauly, an Anglican Pastor and Wheaton College Professor who whose Sunday sermon appears in Christianity Today on-line: "A Nation on Fire Needs the Flames of the Spirit." But here again, is what I feebly shared this morning, with slight adjustment.



During these days of unrest connected to the very public wrongful deaths of some precious Black Americans, I confess my heart is heavy on many fronts.  My heart is heavy for their families in their tragic loss and for the fresh pain of reopened unhealed wounds once again for so many of our African-American brothers and sisters.  When will it stop?  My heart is heavy for any form of misdirected and/or inappropriate violence which in any way causes some to write off the understandable and appropriate protesting going on.  My heart is heavy for the hatred, and name calling and stereotyping that goes on from all sides so that the "bad apples" on all sides are set up as the norm. Speaking directly to the body of Christ, these things should not be!

But most of all, my heart is heavy that we as the body of Christ struggle to truly mourn with those who mourn.  Way too often, if we are not the mistreated or unfairly treated minority, or the poor person desperately trying to make ends meet, or the whatever person who finds himself or herself on the margins and mistreated for whatever reason; we do a terrible job of putting ourselves in their shoes.  We are quick to judge or throw out our "yeah buts" and slow to love, and repent of our biases that we pretend are not there, and seek to stand with them and be the light of Christ for them in any way we humbly can.  It's just too easy when we are in the more privileged position of whatever situation to fail to truly mourn with those who mourn.  Their pain is not really our pain, so we move on to more convenient things.  I want to be so open to the Spirit convicting me when I need to be convicted and repenting when I need to repent.  The corona virus isn't the only virus we are dealing with these days.  Systemic injustice, systemic racism, is very real. And lament it the totally biblical response to all this pain.  Have mercy Lord and heal our hearts!


I got an email just moments ago from some of our Columbus area Alliance pastors who will be attending a downtown protest as respectful listeners and supporters later this week.  What got me was the pastor who sent the email saying to be sure to bring water because you are likely to be pepper sprayed, and while you may receive push back from some members of your congregation, please step out in love and come anyway. Have mercy Lord and heal our hearts!

Pastor Tim


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