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“GO” Day Details – August 7



As you are serving on GO Day we want you to be challenged with several things:

  1. Pray for the site where you are and for the neighborhood in which it's located.  Pray that people’s hearts would be OPEN to KNOWING Jesus!

  2. Find out the names of the people from Cornerstone that you are serving with if you don’t already know them.  Pray for them while you are serving together!

  3. Be flexible!  This is not about everything going as planned but rather about serving as we GO into our community.


TIME:  Please arrive by 9:30 a.m. at the Cornerstone Alliance Church building on August 7.  As you come into the Worship Center we will have different areas of the room set up for each of the work sites and give some basic instructions.  We are hoping the groups that are going off site will leave no later than 9:50 a.m.!!


LUNCH: We will start eating around 12:15 p.m., so plan to arrive back between noon-12:15 p.m.  The goal is that as people are eating together in the main room around the round tables we would share “God Stories” from your experience on Go Day.  The food will be provided!



GROUPS: (Details for each group)

  • On-Site (Peter and Heidi Rufener)

    • When you come into the Worship Center we will have round tables set up in the middle section to gather around.

    • We will be praying together, writing encouragement cards, etc.

  • Marion Love Your Neighborhood (Team Leader—John Layton)

    • This project will be more hands-on labor/yard work.  We will be mowing, raking, weed wacking and picking up sticks.  Please wear long pants good shoes/boots and bring a pair of gloves.

    • If you have a weed whipper, brush trimmer, mower, rake, pruning sheers bring them with you! 

    • We need 20-24 people for this project.  

    • NOT a good fit for younger kids under 12 years old.

    • Middle School and High School students can get volunteer hours certified from the City of Marion Mayor for this project. 

  • Love Inc (Team Leader-Chuck Yoder)

    • The Team will get to hear from Jenni Hypes who leads Love Inc about all that is happening with Love Inc. 

    • The Team will have the opportunity to go to the Furniture Ministry Building and hear about its unique ministry.  Also, a chance to help with a few items while at the Furniture Building.

    • LOVE INC is a Cornerstone Strategic Partner

  • Voice of Hope (Team Leader—Stephanie Byrne)

    • The team will deliver baby supplies that have been given to the church recently.

    • The team will fold and sort baby clothes, package diapers, clean, and do a small paint project. 

    • Stephanie will be sharing with the group more about the mission and ministry of Voice of Hope.

    • Voice of Hope is a Cornerstone Strategic Partner

  • Leapin' Ministries (Team Leader-Matt Deeren)

    • The team will sort, fold and organize clothes.​

    • The team will hear more about Leapin' Ministries and all that they are doing.

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